My father suddenly transitioned in March of 2019. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLY HARD. I now know the pain of loss all too well and it is something completely incomprehensible UNTIL it happens to you. With so much loss and so much unrest happening in our world right now, Dana and I wanted to do SOMETHING to help ease not only the pain of others, but our own. So, two weeks ago we wrote a song in honor of the dearly departed loved ones who’ve transitioned during this awkward time. While finishing the song we realized that it only made sense to invite all who wanted to be a part: because we NEEDED to be a part too. This song was for Us. 


So, here we are. We reached out to the Sunshine family and in a few short days, WE GOT A VIDEO DONE! Wow. We thank each and every person for allowing us to honor their loved ones in this way. 

If you who were unable to memorialize your family members properly during this quarantine season, know that we share, not only in the mourning, but in the uplifting and honoring of your dearly departed. We stand with you and we hope that this is some small way serves as a balm for each and every one of us.